20 December 2009


Hi. It's been a while. If you were in the habit of visiting "Melting Pot Family" on a regular basis, you've probably been wondering "What gives?" Actually, you probably stopped wondering long ago, given the length of my absence. With no new content to encourage your return, the fact that you're reading this now is actually quite lucky for me. Thanks for stopping by. (Ditto if this is your first visit, of course.)

The end of the summer brought tight editing deadlines, and then back-to-school season came. I'll tell you something about that: it's always during that time of year when new ideas start coming fast and furious. Maybe it's all those pristine notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils. Anyway, I've been busy since September, just not here. I have, however, still been in the "blogosphere," working hard to create something new. I'm happy to say, it's finally ready.

Those of you who've watched this space (or my Facebook profile) will not be surprised to know that the new site is entirely food-focused. Yes, that's right: I've tossed my hat into the culinary ring of food blogs. Does the world need another? Maybe not, but I hope you'll come over and visit anyway. The site is called FEEDING THE SAINTS, and you can link to the title here, or note the URL down below.

What will you find there? FEEDING THE SAINTS is a recipe-driven blog that explores the intersections between food, culture, faith (in all its guises), and charity. It places particular emphasis on Greek and Greek-American culinary traditions, but it is not limited to this cuisine. There are nods to my "Dixie Chick" roots, my French-by-marriage status, and whatever captures my fancy. It's a space where I can share recipes and stories. It's a project that pushes me to get more creative in the kitchen, and also a space where I can demonstrate my learning curve in food photography. There's also a charitable aspect surrounding a mysterious saint and his cake, but I'll leave that for you to discover.

In writing this, my final "Melting Pot Family" post, I have to say a big thank you to everyone who has read this blog, and especially to those of you who have taken the time to comment. During the past year, I've gotten to reconnect with old friends and also make new (and just as dear) ones. I'm grateful for every reader: friend, family, or complete stranger. I'd be thrilled if you decide to stop by the new blog—and if you do and feel so inspired, please take a moment to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you. After all, your support has been what's kept me motivated right along, and it's the reason why I've dared to launch something new.

So, here's the URL: http://www.feedingthesaints.com. Come visit, let yourself be fed. See you there.

All the best,

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