23 December 2008

For Maria in Chania, Greece

A supplemental post tonight, just to reach out to a fellow blogger--someone I have never met but am quite sure I would like very much if I ever had the occasion.

It is Christmastime, and while many of us are wrapped up in our plans, our holiday traditions, wanting to stay safe in the illusion that our lives can be, even momentarily, comfortable and festive (and I maintain we must create these pockets of security for ourselves, for our children, especially the young ones)... it is easy to get myopic and pay less attention to those beyond our thresholds, our borders.  I myself am only emerging briefly from myopia--not for holiday reasons exactly; I am on an incredibly tight deadline, editing a book... and I have had to shut myself off from all media for days, just to juggle the current professional needs with my other full time duty: being Mom.  I am very, very thankful for this work right now, but also need to remind myself that part of life in a "melting pot" is to keep up with others across the globe.

I have just posted an entry about--what else?--Greek holiday cookies, and I want now to acknowledge how out of step in many ways that post feels to me, now that I have had the chance to catch up on news from Greece.

If, by chance (and I'm sure this is more likely to be true for my American compatriots, than for my friends and family in Europe; that is a constant embarrassment) you have not yet heard about the recent, holiday-sobering incidents in Greece, I recommend you take a look at this post from the blog Organically Cooked.

Please, go ahead and read my own hopes for pastries in my post from earlier tonight.  Be kind to me in my editorial blur, and do not think me Antoinette-ish.  But know that my heart is with those families in Greece who might not taste the sweets this holiday season as much as they worry for the future of their country's youth.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Maria, thank you for your continued posts.

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Mediterranean kiwi said...

This is extremely thoughtful of you allison, this whole path of destruction has put a damper on even my own writing. deadlines shut you off from this kind world, which would have been preferable to having to face it, as i mentioned in some of my posts
MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a good time being a full-time Mom, as I will be in the next few days!

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